New Girl in Malta

Malta travel, wearing asos rainbow dress and h&m straw hat!

Alongside blogging and writing, travelling and more specifically exploring is such a passion of mine and I definitely want this to be reflected on here too! So I wanted to share some photos and tips from my recent trip to the most beautiful island of Malta. We knew we wanted somewhere that had both sun, beaches and cultural things to visit for our graduation trip and somehow stumbled across the idea of visiting Malta.

WHEN WE WENT: We planned the trip for after our final university exams but before graduation (needed that graduation day tan obviously) so we were there for five full days in the middle of June which turned out to be perfect timing as the water was warm enough to be pleasant but still refreshing and the sun was a delicious 30 degrees most days.

WHERE WE STAYED: If any of you had read my previous blog, you will know that airbnb is my go-to for finding accommodation when travelling! You can definitely get a lot more for your money in comparison to a hotel and I love getting to see what the properties are like in different places. I think you can really tell the subtle differences in interiors between different countries and that all adds to the fun of travelling! We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in Mellieha, just a short bus ride away from the biggest sandy beach on the island. When picking our apartment we decided that for us, proximity to the beach edged us away from the capital Valetta and if you are wanting to visit beaches when in Malta then I would definitely recommend doing something similar to us.

HOW TO GET AROUND: All the major cities and other must-see destinations are easily accessible by both public transport (each journey on a public bus is 2€ and tickets are valid for two hours) and taxi apps. We used both Bongu and Bolt and didn’t have a problem with either. One thing to note is that we were a group of five and only once managed to get a taxi big enough for all of us. We usually ended up having to all squish in the back and pay the driver an extra 10€ for his troubles. This did lead to us seeing a lot of the Maltese backstreets…

Mellieha church in Malta
The blue lagoon, island of Comino in Malta

WHERE TO VISIT: Malta has an incredibly rich history, having been under both French and British rule as well as the religious order of St. John’s and multiple others over its thousands of years history. This is all visible across the island, making almost every inch worth visiting. As we had such a short amount of time and wanted to spend enough time on the beach we planned two major day trips to Valetta and the Blue Lagoon as well as a half day trip to the ancient capital of Mdina.

If you find yourself not staying in the capital, a visit to Valetta is a must! Built on a hill, offering stunning views of the bay, the walled city’s history as a fortress is visible everywhere. With all the shops and restaurants you would expect from a typical capital, the architecture and historical relevance of the city make it unique.

One of my favourites was our trip to Mdina, despite the sweltering 32 degree heat. Often called the silent city, crossing through the walls of Mdina really does transport you back in time. With almost no cars or permanent residents, the city stands as a living museum to Malta’s past. We did find that a half day was exactly the right amount of time to wander the streets and check out the infamous Fontanella Tea Garden where we had lunch looking over the stunning hills.

The stand out highlight simply had to be our all day boat trip to the Blue Lagoon. Departing at 10am, we sailed around to the Crystal Lagoon and swam amongst the caves and crystal clear water before boarding and sailing across to the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. Our excursion did have the option to remain on the boat and travel to Gozo however we decided that the bright blue waters were so beautiful we would rather spend the day relaxing there. We were told that the day we visited had been relatively quiet, but I honestly cannot fathom how more people could have crammed onto the cliff edge that we perched on overlooking the lagoon. If crowds of people are not for you then the Blue Lagoon might sadly be one to miss, however as we spent most of the time in the water it wasn’t an issue for us. There were plenty of stalls selling cocktails in pineapples and different foods that you could easily spend the day having fun there and it’s no surprise that the gorgeous blue water has become such an Instagram hotspot.

I’d love to know in the comments if any of you have ever been to Malta and have any other must-see recommendations! I do think the country has vastly expanded in recent years so whilst it’s not somewhere I’m going to be rushing back to for my next holiday, there is no doubt that it is a place I would love to go back to in the future to see how it has developed.

The Mdina city gates, Malta
The most amazing five day trip to Malta! Where to stay, what to do and how to get around the beautiful island!

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